Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Mafia's Role in Raising America's Standard of Living

If there is any hope at all for America, as the government clamp gets tighter and tighter, it will be because tough guys, guys with balls, will provide the services the public wants.

Tough guys can get carried away and I wouldn't recommend leaving a truck full of iPads in front of one of their "hunt and fish" clubs. But nobody gets carried away like the government and when that happens, it will be guys that aren't afraid of the government and who are willing to work the angles that will get us the things we want and provide the services we want. In short: The Mafia.

The Mafia also has no use for political correctness or prejudice. These guys will deal with anybody anytime.

It appears there is a great new book, A Renegade History of the United States, that details all this.

So what's the Mafia been into? Here's a clue. Thaddeus Russell starts a discussion of his book this way:
Imagine an America without jazz. Imagine an America in which alcohol is still illegal. Imagine an America without Broadway, Las Vegas, or Hollywood. Imagine an America with no racial integration or freedom to be gay in public.

Read Russell's fascinating account, here.


  1. Count me as unimpressed.
    What about the mobs role in unions ?

  2. I guess we can thank the mob for those ham kicking competitions down in Storyville.

    "'Big Fat Ham' by Jelly Roll Morton was recorded by Morton in 1923 for Paramount...Legend has it that 'big fat ham' was a reference to the Storyville contest between the 'Ladies of the Evening' who would compete for a prize ham by high-kicking a ham that was suspended from the ceiling. This possibly was the beginning of extreme sports. It might be noted that the lack of undergarments was guaranteed to attract a crowd. Most often Mike Lala's club in Storyville hosted such events."