Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Primary Global Research Throws Chu Under the Bus

Don Chu, who was arrested today by the FBI for facilitating "inside" information, was just fired by his employer, Primary Global Research, who was shocked, shocked that he was doing so.

Outside of the fact that PGR was blasting on their web site in Chu's bio that he was providing such information, they didn't have a clue. From PGR's web site:
Don intimately understands the wireless broadband communications industry, and has deep connections and relationships in the technology industry
The fact of the matter is that these investigations of "expert networks" and the arrest of Chu, are absurd. The stock market is about seeking information and understanding. That's basically what the SEC and DOJ apparently want to shutdown.

It's terrible that PGR doesn't have the balls to stand behind Chu.

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