Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Spiking Cost of a 'True Love' Christmas 1984 to 2010

Following up on Paging Paul Krugman 16, Ash Navabi sends this note:

Being a true love got 9.2% more expensive this year


Excellent presentation of the "Christmas Price Index", which includes not only commodities like turtle doves and golden rings, but also services like ladies dancing and pipers piping. This year was the single biggest y/y leap since they began keeping records. Bernanke and the Primary Dealers must have developed a taste for poule this year, as French hens were up a staggering 233%. There wasn't any deflation this year in any of the categories.

To truly stay truthful to the trueness of being a true love, and purchasing all 364 gifts enumerated in the song, one would have to fork over $96,824--a 10% y/y increase.

If you wanna skip the fancy presentation, here are the raw numbers:


Happy holidays,

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