Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bernanke as an Uninteresting and Unoriginal Suit

Doug Casey nails it:
As 60 Minutes pointed out, it's rare for a Fed chairman to give an interview; this was only Bernanke's second – here's a link to his first. It's such an unusual thing that I think it's a sign that the Powers That Be are really quite worried. As they should be. His last interview was at the height of the crisis in early 2009...

Bernanke is taking desperate measures to solve an acute problem. But their consequences will be disastrous – much, much more damaging than if he'd done nothing. Of course if he did nothing, the system would collapse through a deflation: bonds would default, banks would close. What will now happen is the currency itself is going to be destroyed, which is much worse. But since it's put off a bit further in the future, that's the course he's taking.

...Bernanke has a high IQ, but he's just an uninteresting and unoriginal suit. He grew up with the reigning orthodoxy, got his Ph.D. in it, taught it, and has been rewarded with the leadership of the world's largest central bank. But he's not an economist. He's a political apologist. And, I suspect, he's now a very confused and scared one. Perhaps he can see that the ridiculous theories he's grown up believing in are more phony than a Federal Reserve note. But he doesn't dare admit it.

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