Thursday, December 9, 2010

House Democrats at Caucus Level Vote No on Tax Deal

The vote, in a Democrat-only caucus meeting, isn’t binding but underscores the difficulty the White House is having selling the deal to rank-and-file Democrats.


  1. Just heard the news! The democrats continue to force us to believe in their agendas. Of course, the Blue-dog democrats will ensure the passage of the bill.

    Where is the outrage any more? Both parties fighting each other (more nowadays with hate) than showing civility.

    Need to read a new book that's about Amerians who actually take a stand against tyranny. It's a thriller cause it's so real. I'll be giving it out this holiday (all I can afford) to get others more informed. I recommend it.

    Thanks for getting the news to us so quickly!

  2. At #1 anonymous:

    I don't like revolutions or wars. There messy and destructive. Boycotts however, hmmm...