Monday, December 13, 2010

Former Intel Boss: South Korea May Attack North Korea

South Korea is losing patience with North Korea and probably will take military action, former national intelligence director Dennis Blair said Sunday, reports the Air Force Times.

Blair, who just returned from the Korean peninsula, said he doesn’t see a major war starting, but he believes recent aggression by North Korea will press South Korea into some lower level military confrontations.

Blair just returned from the Korean peninsula.


  1. Sorry, but South Korea has admitted they fired the first shots to provoke this crisis, goaded by the USA which is desperate for a new war to distract the public from the old wars, and the imploding fraudulent mortgage-backed security buy-back that is even now impoverishing America.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thats funny.....Seoul will be toast before they even try to penetrate the Norths AIRSPACE or the US FOR THAT MATTER,Wont make a difference..The North WIll SMOKE BOTH

  3. Wow, troll much? The first 2 commenters obviously want to provoke SOME kind of reaction, but they're too idiotic to even address.

    In the meantime, I have no doubts about South Korea's potent military (or our own, obviously). But will the ROK actually deploy their military? Despite what Dennis Blair says . . . the world will believe South Korea means business when we see it. The ROK's leaders have avoided confrontation to the point where they simply won't defend themselves, despite having one of the best equipped armies in the world, with a million man reserve.

    Will the real Korea please stand up?