Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HOT: Assange Says It's Bank of America

Speculation all along has been that WikiLeaks has emails from a top executive of Bank of America.

Now, Julian Assange has confirmed this to a reporter for U.K.'s The Times:
Assange also confirmed that WikiLeaks was holding a vast amount of material about Bank of America which it intends to release early next year.
Assange also cryptically told the reporter:
We don't want the bank to suffer unless it's called for. But if its management is operating in a responsive way there will be resignations.


  1. Which is the only TBTF bank sued by the Fed over mtg fraud? Assange increasingly looks like a power elite stooge, if not, outright operative. We'll see when the resignations come.

  2. Well said Bob. I'm of the "operative" inclination. Assange has way too much press backing and looks way too polished/created in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, but the wiki accredited ccard assaults may be the layman ingrained fall guy mental foot print that may hint at some web based "Lusitania" event in the battle to quell the web. .... All speculation of course.

    Too much theater everywhere you look.