Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jimmy Carter on the Overbearing David Rockefeller

Many suspect that the Rockefellers' and other global banksters have major influence over many government activities. The influence comes from many directions and in  many ways. In his new book White House Diary, Jimmy Carter gives us an ever so slight glimpse at David Rockefeller's interaction with him, when he was president. It seems he sees D. Rockefeller as a constant noodge:
April 9[1979] David Rockefeller came in, apparently to induce me to let the shah come to the United States. Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Brzezinski seem to be adopting this as a joint project...
Of course, Kissinger and Brzezinski are long-time Rockefeller tools. It is also interesting this Carter note was written in  April. It was widely known that Rockefeller requested Shah be let into the country in October, but this was much earlier then that. Carter did finally clear the way for the Shah to enter the U.S. in October, when the the Shah was ill and wanted treatment at New York Hospital. It is widely believed that Carter clearing the way for the Shah to have treatment in the United States was the direct cause of the Iran hostage crisis.

Here's another Carter-Rockefeller episode, where it is clear Carter finds Rockefeller overbearing:
[July 1979] Reg Jones [then CEO of General Electric] talked to me about secretary of treasury. He thought that either David Rockefeller or Bill Miller would be good...David Rockefeller came down. Told him I wanted to interview him for secretary of treasury. He asked me a number of questions, as though he was interviewing me for a job...


  1. From Murray Rothbard's "Wall Street, the Banks and American Foreign Policy."

    "...Another crucial foreign policy action of the Carter regime was the President's reluctant decision to admit the Shah of Iran into the U.S., a decision that led directly to the Iran hostage crisis and the freezing of Iranian assets in the U.S.Carter was pressured into this move by the persistent lobbying of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, who might well have realized that a hostage crisis would ensue. As a result, Iran was prevented from pursuing its threat of taking its massive deposits out of Chase Manhattan Bank, which would have caused Chase a great deal of financial difficulty. In politics, one hand washes the other." (page 40)

  2. Jimma wasn't the cause of the hostage crisis. The real cause was the 25 years of the shah's murderous and torturous dictatorship that the U.S. government supported following the CIA's 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected prime minister Mossadegh. The U.S. government under Eisenhower wanted to help the British to get the oil back that they had been leeching off the Iranians in the previous decades, that Mossadegh's nationalizing of oil had stopped. After the overthrow, the U.S. government propped up the shah and his Saddam-like brutality until the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution.

    So, as far as which U.S. leader is responsible for the hostage crisis, Ike is the real culprit - he started the situation.

  3. So the poor Shah was ill and followed by islamic terrorists, he did need support from US, he was always loyal to US and what die Jimmy Carter? First he forgott all of his politic and support of Shah in the past and vorbid shah come to us. later instrumentalized him to save Chase Manhattan... what a honest human politic!
    Those who compare Shah for example with Sadam has no real knowledge about these contries and their history at all, just repeat a cheap old story.