Monday, December 13, 2010

A Kochanak (by Marriage) on Ron Paul

This is utterly amazing. Megan McArdle on Ron Paul as reported by Slate:
"Republicans stashed him in this job because they don't want him making more important decisions," said Megan McArdle, a prominent libertarian blogger and economics editor of the Atlantic. "He cares passionately about monetary policy, which most Republicans don't care about. But when you look at his speeches, he doesn't understand anything about monetary policy. He might actually understand it less than the average member of Congress. My personal opinion is that he wastes all of his time on the House Financial Services Committee ranting crazily."
I used to comment on McArdle's basic errors on economics. but there were so many that I just gave up. But this Paul comment is over the top.
She writes that most Republicans don't care about monetary policy. No kidding! That's one of the probems. Earth to McArdle, monetary polciy is at the core of what goes on in the economy, and there is no one that understands that better than Ron Paul.

Well, well a quick Google search of "McArdle Koch" brings you this:

Megan McArdle's Fiance Confesses: “Koch Family Sponsors My Job At Reason Magazine”".
Whenever there is some bizzarre quote from a so-called libertarian about those who support Austrian economics, just Google that person's name and "Koch."


  1. Wenzel,

    That is CLASSIC!

    Well done.

    What a snob. I didn't know you could be a "libertarian" and write for a staterventionist rag like the Atlantic.

  2. It's unfortunate that McArdle's comments are that misinformed and stupid.

  3. Guess Megan McArdle's sole purpose in "claiming" to be Libertarian is to discredit Libertarian thought and Austrian ecomonics. She quite obviously knows nothing about either Ron Paul or Libertarians.

    It's a good thing family money keeps her employed because her ability as a journalist sure couldn't!!

  4. "prominent libertarian blogger"???

    Uh, according to who, other then the reason/cato/koch crowd??

  5. Don't you love how the anti-Ron Paul, phony "libertarians" all resort to what is essentially name-calling ("ranting crazily," etc.)? It's a pretty good indicator they are desperate, and, contrary to Moron McArdle's assertion that Ron Paul "doesn't understand anything about monetary policy," that they are unable to mount an actual intellectual challenge to the Austrians.

    Keep writing your trash, Moron McArdle, and the Koch-heads will keep the checks coming. That is, until you aren't useful to them anymore, at which point you won't be useful to anyone, because you're a moron.

  6. Hey, lay off her - she was terrific in "Annie"

  7. McCardle is a statist...and maggie: why are you capitalizing the term libertarian? The capitalized version refers to the LP...

  8. I used to comment on McArdle's basic errors on economics. but there were so many that I just gave up.

    It is indeed a waste of time. The term "economically ignorant" doesn't even come close to accurately describing either McArdle or the pseudo-journalistic drivel she regularly spews forth. That anyone actually takes this creature seriously is truly horrifying.

  9. Show of hands:

    Are there any libertarians reading here who, if they read The Atlantic at all, do so with the idea of gleaning insight into economics?


    Isn't it likelier that McArdle's function at the magazine is to steer its readers clear of coherent, meaningful libertarian thought?

    (Also: Anybody here heard of Project Mockingbird? Could the Koches be CIA functionaries?)

  10. oh Megan McArdle, Hitler would be proud. Such perfect execution of the big lie. "He's crazy". So intelligent. NOT!