Monday, December 13, 2010

Reichstag Week for the Internet Continues

McDonald's Corp. says some of its customers' private information was exposed during a data breach.

The company said Monday that a third party was able to get past security measures and see into a database of its customer information that included e-mail, phone numbers, addresses, birthdates and other specifics that they provided when signing up for online promotions or other subscriptions to its websites, reports AP.

Okay, first we get hacks of Mastercard and Visa. Then we get a hack of Gawker. Now, McDonalds. How much longer before our leaders institute controls to "protect us"?


  1. Those Internet kill switch bills remain in both the House and Senate, just waiting to be trotted out.

  2. This is no laughing matter. The internet is the only honest outlet we have left. To muzzle the web is their only hope. Don't think for one second they don't realize this.

  3. A review of the possibility that WikiLeaks intentionally smooths the way for government control of the internet:

  4. Like David Rockefellar said, we're waiting for the right "event" to usher in our world govt. I see a perfect storm brewing. Military, financial, political termoil and the right spark. When it happens, you can kiss the internet goodbye.(at least that part that challenges the bad guys)