Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Recommends the Road to Socialism

"We need our federal and state governments to chart a middle way – between a government that would wash its hands of the problem and one that seeks to supplant the private sector; between a government that would stand on the sidelines and one that would take over the game...Government is not an innocent bystander in the marketplace, and it should not pretend to be. In the face of the current economic weakness, government must act: decisively, responsibly and immediately." NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the Association for a Better New York. In what many view as another speech setting himself up for a presidential bid.

But before Bloomberg gets too carried away with a presidential bid, somebody should see to it that he reads a copy of Ludwig von Mises great and important speech, Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism.


  1. Correct Mises link:

  2. Maybe Schumpeter was right after all.