Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Milton Friedman Schools Michael Moore (?)

Michael Dunton emails this:

I ran across this video after watching your earlier Friedman video link. It’s a young Michael Moore getting schooled by Friedman.

Note: Although this clip is labeled across the internet as Michael Moore and Friedman. I have not been able to independently verify that it is Moore. Nevertheless this is Friedman at his best. Friedman was weak on methodology and monetary policy, but when he decided to defend the free market, he was awesome. This is a great example (although I would argue that the government shouldn't require Ford to provide specific types of information).


  1. I don't think it's Moore. With that said, it really doesn't matter since he has the same basic ideology as Moore. Profit and capitalism is bad, and government will save us.

    I've seen this before. It's part of a Q & A session attached to Free to Choose. There were two versions of the Q & A. One which was shot with college kids and another that had policy commentators. The one with college kids was all over the place. Some of the questioners were, like the kid above, not very knowledgeable or intelligent.

    Where is this kid now? Is he still this stupid? Or did he grow up?

    On a side note, here's the best schooling I've seen Friedman give somebody.

    Milton Friedman vs Phil Donahue on greed

  2. That's NOT Michael Moore.

  3. Not Moore

  4. Friedman wasn't advocating that governments should have access to certain information but rather that courts should. I don't see how this usual sort of tort law is unlibertarian or whatever.

    If you sell a hamburger filled with poison and don't tell anyone about the poison then you will understandably get into a lot of trouble.