Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New York City Workers Gone Insane

First, we had fire department workers respond twice to people stuck on a subway car for 9 hours in 15 degree weather telling the stuck passengers that they couldn't do anything for them.

Now we have this insane video of a NYC tow truck destroying a suburban van while it tried to tow a snow removal vehicle.

Asked about the incident at a press conference, Mayor Bloomberg, who wants to control what you eat, seemed nonplussed and said anyone who suffered property damage should file a claim with the city.

Fortunately, the destroyed car turned out to be a government car, owned by the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development, only God knows what those people are up to, so it's probably a plus for the citizens of the overregulated, undeserved city. It's really is time that a lot of city government be placed back in the hands of the private sector, totally cut off from government.

(Warning contains graphic language)



  1. As Murray Rothbard said the hard part is really the transition from public to private hands.

  2. I watched the news segment showing this. It appears crazy, but no where near as crazy as listening to New Yorkers scream about not getting immediate service from their near bankrupt city and state to clear the roads. Its amazing how dependent these people are on government to correct anything that goes wrong in their lives.

    I live in South Florida and we all know the last people to rely on in times of natural disaster is the government. Heck our local government even tells us that. If our roads are covered with debris after a 'cane, and we need to get somewhere, we get out and clear what we need. We certainly don't want our government officials maintaining a staff of people just to deal with events that happen every few years, so we understand and expect they are going to overwhelmed. Apparently, New Yorkers think otherwise.

  3. This is not a "Snow removal vehicle", this is a light weigt earth mover for ground constuction equiped with summer tyeres. You can not use it on snowy surfaces not even on muddy surfaces like in mines. In Europe we use heavy duty special purpose snow removers only. Like the ones from MAN or Magirus Deuz, they would never get stucked in such rather minor snowy conditions. Very unprofessional. We also use "winter tyers" every year to put on our cars, they cost about 400 USD and last 3-4 years. We also carry with use tyre chains, with them on cars can even climb mountains in heavy snowy conditions.

  4. good enough for government work

  5. Tow truck win. Need more Brawndo.