Thursday, December 23, 2010

Next Week is Awards Week at EPJ...

Don't miss it. Awards will include:

Gold-Hater of the Year Award

Gene Callahan Award for Absurd Argumentative Style

Unexpected Insight Award

Economics Book of the Year

Economics Blog Site of the Year

Economist of the Year

Economics Video of the Year

and many more...

(I am taking nominations in the comment section)


  1. Karl Denninger for Gold Hater of the Year.

  2. rob zoellick of the world bank for unexpected insight with regards to the gold standard

  3. Bob Murphy eco of the year

  4. Gold-Hater of the Year Award: Glenn Beck
    Gene Callahan Award for Absurd Argumentative Style: Krugman
    Unexpected Insight Award:
    Economics Book of the Year: Lessons For the Young Economist, Murphy
    Economics Blog Site of the Year: EPJ of course!
    Economist of the Year: Murphy or Schiff
    Economics Video of the Year: Robert Murphy training for the debate.

  5. Blog site =
    Economist = Schiff or Hugh Hendry
    Unexpected Insight Award: Damon Vrabel from for clearly outlining the current world power structure and offering decentralized locally-based solutions. (Warning: Damon is an advocate of Ellen Brown's "greenback" proposal to some degree, but his analysis of power is spot-on IMHO.)