Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Nod from Joe Weisenthal

He thumbs:
TheStalwart Joseph Weisenthal

@wenzeleconomics on October 21 "The mother of all front runs is to front run QE2"

On October 21,  the DJIA was at 11,146. Today it is at 11,345.  Gold was at aprox. 1325. Today it is at 1382.  Joe, this is only the beginning. Any impact you see in prices now is just from Bernanke re-investing MBS cash flow. The big spikes from QE2 haven't even started yet. You are still in front running time.

Of course, Joe doesn't get to see what has been going on at the EPJ Daily Alert, where things have been moving along, shall we say, quite nicely.

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