Wednesday, December 8, 2010

U.S. Talking to Swedes about Assange Being Delivered into U.S. Custody

Informal discussions have already been held between US and Swedish officials about the possibility of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being delivered into US custody, according to diplomatic sources, The Belfast Telegraph is reporting.

Assange is in jail in Britain fighting extradition to Sweden, he was denied bail. According to BT,the film director Ken Loach, the journalist John Pilger and Jemima Khan, the sister of the Tory MP Zac Goldsmith, were among those offering to post bail of £180,000.


  1. Given all that's been exposed, it's not all that surprising that our criminal government is seeking blood over it's own embarrassing incompetence.

  2. And all this with no criminal charges against him.

    Thank God we don't live in a lawless State.

  3. I feel sorry for the brave Mr. Assange. On the upside, however, the harder the governments of the world squeeze him and others like him, the more their support from the people they rule falls. The governments cannot win. they can either let Assange and others like him expose their corruption and lies, or they can attempt to crush the Assanges of the world, and lose the support of their peoples.