Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now Krugman Goes after the Kochanacks

You can't make this up:
Oh, my. Back in the 1990s the[Koch-controlled] Cato Institute had something called The Project on Social Security Privatization, which issued papers like this one from Martin Feldstein: Privatizing Social Security: The $10 Trillion Opportunity.

Then the right discovered that “privatization” polled badly. And suddenly, the term was a liberal plot — hey, we never said we’d do that.

Wait, it gets worse: Cato not only renamed its project, but it went back through the web site, trying to purge references to privatization.
Meanwhile, back at home base, Republicans on the financial crisis commission, perhaps taking a cue from Cato word purges, have voted to ban the words and phrases, "Wall Street,""shadow banking" & "deregulation" from the crisis report.

I wasn't expecting much out of the report to begin with, when you have Brooksley Born as one of the members, but this nutty purging of words from a dopey report will put the report in the eyes of many as a solid analysis of the financial crisis, when it is simply a battle between different groups of interventionists.

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