Monday, December 13, 2010

Respect for Ron Paul from NYT

A very fair report on Ron Paul from Kate Zernike at the New York Times.

Times are a chagin'.


  1. The article was pretty fair, agreed. Though some of the quotes were just laughable. Ron Paul doesn't understand the idea of a central bank?! Yes, a commissar of money and interest rates (Tom Woods' absolutely brilliant and pithy summary of exactly what the Fed is) is what we all need. And the comments at the end were unfortunate. A litany of typical liberal and neocon nonsense. But as things continue to get worse (and they WILL get a LOT worse) I believe he will get more and more respect and his star will continue to ascend.

  2. Ron Paul will become useful to the elite as they cut off services and retirement accounts OWED to baby boomers, etc. Don't look for them to listen to them about military spending or letting the banksters loot us. As we move into "everything for the banksters, nothing for the people" mode, Ron Paul will be used to justify this "new day" of "fiscal responsibility" aka further looting.