Thursday, December 2, 2010

WaPo: Cheney Not Planning Any Trips to Nigeria

You can count on WaPo to throw cold water on the most exciting news since we learned that Monica Lewinsky saved her dress.

On news that Nigeria may indict Dick Cheney for bribery, the pompous newspaper of record is acting pretty pompous:

Now, before Cheney-bashers get too excited, it should be noted these allegations have been kicking around for some time. In addition, we're heading into the Nigerian election season - voting set for April 9.
Finally, it's not as if Cheney, now suffering from some very serious heart problems, was planning to take the family on a cruise up the Niger Delta any time soon. The odds of his showing up in Africa - except maybe for a hunting trip - are zero.
Not that the rule of law and treaties mean anything in America anymore, but the U.S. does have an extradition treaty with Nigeria

Though the odds of Cheney being extradited are about the same as Castro being elected mayor of Miami, the good old boy may have to squirm a little.

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