Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Doings at the Treasury, the General's Wife Gets a Job: Attention Media Bring Your Cameras

The Treasury and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau are both playing up big the announcement that the wife of General Patraeus, Holly Petraeus, is being named to head the CFPB’s Office of Service Member Affairs.

Here's the announcement from the Treasury:
On Thursday afternoon, Deputy Secretary Wolin and Special Advisor to the Secretary on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Elizabeth Warren will make remarks and introduce the leader of the team standing up the CFPB’s Office of Servicemember [sic] Affairs. This event is open press; however, the deadline to RSVP has passed.

Press Logistics:

Thursday, January 6

2:00 PM EST


Media Room A

Department of Treasury

Washington, DC

This event is open press; however, the deadline to RSVP has passed. Media attending with camera equipment should arrive at the Moat Entrance (south side of the Treasury building, adjacent to the Hamilton entrance) at 12:30 PM to allow time for equipment sweeps and set-up in Media Room A. No vehicles will be permitted onto Treasury grounds; equipment must be carried in. All other media should arrive by 1:15 PM and should enter the Treasury building through the Pennsylvania Avenue Entrance.
Keep in mind, all this commotion is over a woman who is not going to do much more than oversee military credit unions and mortgages taken out by servicemen. I am beginning to see the political  skills of Elizabeth Warren in full bloom with this announcement. If one considers that the military elite may have more to say about goings on in certain operations around the country than the President, the Holly Patraeus appointment is as a very skillful, though scary, political move.

You don't often see such blatant pandering to the military elite. It takes a unique person to want to do that, and in Elizabeth Warren, we have one.

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