Thursday, January 6, 2011

Economist With Known Bankster Affiliations Will Be Named to Head NEC

The banksters continue to gain more control in the Obama White House. The Chief of Staff position will not be the only position where an appointee has bankster connections.

President Obama will name Gene Sperling as head of the National Economic Council, replacing Larry Summers, NBC News is reporting .

The president is expected to make an official announcement on the appointment Friday during a visit to a window manufacturer in Maryland, where he will also comment on the monthly U.S. payrolls report.

Sperling currently serves as Counselor to Treasury Secretary Geithner. He is also on the staff of the Council on Foreign Relations, where he serves as Senior Fellow for Economic Policy and Director of the Center on Universal Education.

During Bill Clinton's first term as President, from 1993-1996, Sperling served as deputy director of the National Economic Council while the Council was directed by Robert Rubin, who was promoted to Treasury Secretary. Sperling became National Economic Adviser to Clinton and director of the National Economic Council from 1996 to 2000. Rubin currently is co-Chairman of the CFR and former CEO of Goldman Sachs and served as temporary Chairman of Citigroup.

According to Bloomberg, Sperling earned $887,727 from Goldman Sachs in 2008 and $158,000 for speeches mostly to financial companies.

Reached at her home in Ann Arbor. Michigan, by, Doris Sperling, Gene's mother, said she was "thrilled" for her son.

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  1. I like it when economists use the term banksters, because it shows a recognition that even the best economic theories get fucked by corruption. Keep up the great blogging!