Thursday, January 6, 2011

Small Businesses Poised to Hire, Survey Finds

The percentage is small, but this is still a very bullish sign, as increasing regulations make it difficult for most small firms to hire. A small firm has to see major potential growth before it will decide to add employees.

The National Federation of Independent Business says more businesses have plans to hire new workers in the coming months than at any time since the autumn of 2008.

Six percent of business owners surveyed by the organization said in December that they were creating hiring plans for 2011, an increase of two percentage points over November and the most in 27 months. In addition, 13% of business owners surveyed said that they had job openings that they were finding difficult to fill -- a 4 percentage point jump over November.

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  1. Those 13% that said that they had job openings that were difficult to fill are probably strip joints that take half the wages for wearing street clothes.