Saturday, January 22, 2011

Governor Jerry Brown Be a Hero

Lew Rockwell writes:
State governments, like municipal governments, should go bankrupt rather than raise taxes on their victims. In fact, as part of bankruptcy, taxes should be drastically lowered, bonds repudiated, pensions abolished, and employees fired. A great start towards solvency and decency. Remember, the money for all these “services” is extracted through violence and the threat of violence. But there is talk of constitutional problems of state bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy courts, because of states rights, so there should be a federal agency to supervise it! Oh brother. In fact, states can do it on their own and ignore the feds, using their own courts. Come on, California, get the ball rolling. Jerry Brown, unlike the awful Arnold, be a hero.
Jerry Brown, who once called presidential primaries a Gong Show for the rich, is just separated enough from the elite to perhaps do the right thing and pull this off. Bankruptcy would only hurt the unproductive and those who invested in the irresponsible spending of past regimes.

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