Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hidden: The Foreign Governments that are Giving CIA and NIA Officials Gifts

The State Department is out with its list of gifts given to U.S. government officials by foreign governments. Government employees are required to turn in and report all gifts over (I believe) $50.00.

The list is 52 pages. Many of the gifts were given to President Obama and the First Lady.

Abbdulah bin Abd al-Aziz al Saud of Saudi Arabia, for example, gave the President.
A large desert scene on a green veined marble base featuring minature figurines of gold palm trees and camels; large gold medallion with the Royal seal in a green leather display box; large glass and brass clock by Jaeger-LeColture in a green leather display case....Est. value $34,500
Queen Elizabeth gave the President a framed picture of herself and another framed picture of Prince Phillip.

There are also gifts listed that were given to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Lots of high ranking military officers received gifts. Even Fed chairman Ben Bernanke received a couple of gifts. But most curious are reports from the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Intelligence Agency. Foreign governments are giving gifts to CIA and NIA officials and neither the recipient(s) or gift givers are disclosed. Think about that. Foreign governments know enough about a CIA or NIA officials to give them gifts, yet it can't be disclosed what foreign governments are giving gifts and to whom. Some of the gifts can be guessed at. There's a rug made in Pakistan given to an NIA official. Not too tough to figure out where that came from.

Somebody gave a CIA official an AKS-47 rifle. There was another gift of gulf clubs and two gifts of "10 gold trade coins." But never the disclosure, as to which government or to whom.

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  1. The Queen gave obama the pictures in responses to the DVDs and copies of his speeches he gave her. I know it's besides the point, but thought it humorous