Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Get Online in Egypt, Even withGovernment Blocking of the Internet

Steve Kovach at Business Insider says go old school. In Egypt, while internet access has been blocked, old school access via dial up through telephone lines is working.

Lifehacker suggests trying the global dialup ISP Budget Dialup or the French ISP FDN, which is providing free access to users in Egypt.

More from Kovach:

One site worth checking out is the forum OPENMESH that was just launched as a resource for finding ways to help Egyptians get back online. TechCrunch says, they're looking for people with a tech background who may be able to skirt around the block. If you have any ideas, share them on Twitter using the #OPENMESH hashtag.


  1. I wonder what will happen when Obama turns off the Internet in Amerika....

  2. I started an early ISP in NJ. There used to be dozens of ISP's in NJ and every other state because the telephone tarrifs made calls ouside of a small area long distance. No one would pay long distance charges to surf hours on the net. So there were hundreds of mom and pop ISP's all over the country before cable and telco got all the business. I'll bet all of us still have boxes of rack modems (I favored Microcom 36 modem racks) in our basements.

    I often think that I should tell my former competitors not to trash any of theior old analog modems. If things get dicy in America we could easily set up an alternate netowrk to the Internet with UUCP (unix to unix copy) and and "bang" addressing. One computer could telephone another a couple time a day and exchange files thereby providing Country wide distribution of email and UUSENET news totally outside any regulation or oversight. I've still got dozens of modems and terminal servers and I'll bet hundreds of other ISP'ers do too.

  3. But the DHS parasites will send you to a concentration camp (GitMo) if you try to set up your own network. These global political gangster elite are worried about being exterminated and they are going to get even more violent now.