Monday, January 10, 2011

Lawsuit Claim: "Cats Do Not Talk"

File Under: The Nature of Litigation as the Empire Collapses

Gothamist has the story:
A cat fight has broken out between makers of kitty litter! Arm & Hammer is suing Clorox because the Clorox brand "Fresh Step" claims that cats prefer "Fresh Step" to Arm & Hammer's "Super Scoop." The suit says an "independent study" is flawed, "The Clorox advertisements are unambiguous that the judges of whether Fresh Step is superior at eliminating odors are cats, not people. But cats do not talk, and it is widely understood in the scientific community that cat perception of malodor is materially different than human perception. It is not possible scientifically to determine whether cats view one substance to be more or less malodorous than another substance."
Here's the commercial in question.

Arm & Hammer needs to chill and come up with their own clever advertisement in response.


  1. I read somewhere that the most notable thing about continous inflation is that it leads to more and more business engaging in non-profitable, and even ridiculous business practices.

    This ranks pretty high.

  2. Good thing for the cats that Schrödinger wasn't in on the study.