Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peter Schiff and Liz Claman

This probably doesn't mean anything at all, but let's put it on the record. CNBC anchor Liz Claman partied with Peter Schiff this New Year. She thumbed:
Gr8 night w/ my buddy Peter Schiff & all our kids. (He only mentioned gold investment twice) we're all still here 4 massive slumber party
I have always considered Claman the sharpest and most perceptive of all the regular CNBC anchors. I recall one Claman interview of Schiff, about a year ago, where the interview turned to dogs. She mentioned what type of dog Schiff had, he was clearly stunned. She just smiled and said, "I know."

I forget what the dog was. But, it fit Schiff's personality. It wasn't a bull dog, but pretty close. Claman's a sharp cookie.

I hope Peter gave her Human Action, as a gift for the holidays.

UPDATE: In the comments section, I am informed the dog was a German Shepherd and that Claman now work's for FOX.

Like , I have said, I rarely watch these channels. It's only an occasional youtube clip I catch, and I rarely pay attention to what channel this stuff is coming from.


  1. I think I remember seeing a few sentences written by her on the back jacket of his book Crash Proof (along with some other reviewers). She's been (at least) sympathetic to his views for a while now.

  2. The dog was a German Shephard. And Liz Claman doesn't work for CNBC anymore, she works for Fox.

  3. They went to Berkley together.

    Liz has tweeted about playing tennis at Schiff's house during the summer, too. There have been a few interviews where they have referenced their friendship.

  4. Keynesians arent the only ones Schiff puts to bed

  5. i am surprised u dont follow news much, but somehow caught her twit. And on top of that u remember this anecdote about her past schiff interview.

    she is sharp alright

  6. They are also High School buddies