Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rand Paul Calls for 30% Cut in Federal Spending

Paul's proposal calls for a 23% cut in the legislative branch, elimination of the Government Printing Office, a 32% cut in the judicial branch, a 30% cut in agriculture programs, elimination of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, a 20% reduction in forest service, a 54% cut at the Commerce Department, a 6.5% cut in military spending, an 83% cut in education funding, elimination of the Department of Energy, a 26% cut in health and human services, a 62% reduction at the Food and Drug Administration, a 46% in indian health services, a 28% reduction at the Center for Disease Control, a 37% cut at the National Institute of Health, a 43% cut at the Department of Homeland Security, a 40% cut at the TSA, the elimination of Housing and Urban Development, a 78% reduction for the Interior Department, a 42% reduction in the National Park Service, elimination of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a 28% cut at the Department of Justice, a 2% cut at the Labor Department, a 71% cut at the State Department, a 49% cut at the Transportation Department, elimination of Amtrak subsidies, a 27% cut at the Corps of Engineers, a 29% cut at the Environmental Protection Agency, an 85% cut at the General Services Administration, a 25% cut at NASA, a 62% cut at the National Science Foundation, a 12.3% cut in the Office of Personnel Management ans a 22% cut in the Federal Communications Commission.

Paul has a great 37-page blow-by-blow of his proposal here (Pdf).


  1. I think this makes him the first Republican Congress critter to answer the question: "What specifically would you cut?"

    Good for him.

  2. Wow. I'm impressed.

    And I don't even like him.

    My peanut gallery complaint: If he wanted to completely win me over, in addition to all the other cuts, propose to abolish the Dept of Homeland Security and cut military spending by 30%.