Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upstart Crony Capitalist Sighting at Davos

NYT reporter Peter Lattman thumbs:
Davos moment: Upon exiting men's room, nearly bump right into Bill Clinton


  1. Would someone put this former POTUS back into the dark room where he belongs. More verbal diarrhea from this sad sack formation of humanity. Quite pitiful spectacle, seems we have one of these Davos reunions every week now. See link for the dark room.


  2. The journalist probably escaped with with his life. Who knows what the result of Bill's new Vegan diet would be.

    Coincidentally wasn't there some other explosion at Davos earlier?

  3. Super-Capitalistic Federal-Ex Peed-a-la-Davos

    Bill Clinton is Mary Poppins, only he rains money.