Sunday, January 2, 2011

Speaking Truth to Puppets

Lew explains what it is like to speak truth to regime puppets:
The first time I was scheduled to go on an establishment financial network, a famous Keynesian, also due to be on the show, said: If that rat Rockwell is on, I’m off, and so I was off. The other day, I made it on the air, but for 6 minutes instead of the scheduled 30. When I said, in answer to a question, that GM, Chrysler, and the California state government should be allowed to go bankrupt, and that that would be economically helpful as well as morally just, the host wanted to know, What about the jobs? Those aren’t real jobs, I explained, but parasitic jobs that subtract from economic well-being. When I noted that the banks and Wall Street firms should be liquidated too, if they needed government redistribution to stay afloat, there was a shocked intake of breath. When I added that they need not worry, since we live in a bankocracy, he hung up on me. It was funny.
Lew's story reminds me of the time I detailed, to a cub reporter at a major mainstream rag, an obvious case of insider trading by a major government official. She thanked me profusely, still too naieve to realize that mainstream reporting is about protecting the regime. I would have paid to see her face when she pitched that story to her boss, and then realized it wasn't going anywhere.


  1. Wenzel,

    Regarding your last point, hedge fund manager David Einhorn had similar experiences with mainstream journalists and shared his travails in his outstanding book.

  2. I hope the mainstream media continues this type of action. The more often they do it, the more often the public gets a reminder of how worthless they are, and instead turns to unconventional forms of media (blogs, etc) to get their news. Eventually, these MSM stations will go the way of Air America.