Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will the Internet Find These People?

(or the truth about this video)

Reports Urlesque:
Todd Bieber was skiing through Brooklyn's Prospect Park just after the recent New York Blizzard when he stumbled upon a white canister of 35mm film blending in with the snow. Bieber, being a man of adventure, developed the film himself, and created a YouTube video (below) to help him find the photographer who had lost it.
And a clue:
...a tipster named Stephanie sent Bieber the following in an email:

Several of those pictures were taken right outside my apartment building. In fact the photo of the doorway is our front door. I wonder if perhaps they ate at the restaurant downstairs (FONDA).

The video:



  1. I posted this to my Facebook page, and asked all my friends to do the same. I'd love to follow this and see if he can find them!

  2. Seems pretty contrived, but it was entertaining nevertheless. The guy can tell a story.