Sunday, January 16, 2011

Deposed Tunisian President Flees with 1.5 Tons of Gold

Le Monde is reporting that deposed Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali may have fled his country with 1.5 tons of gold. Here's the Google translation via ZeroHedge:
The family of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia would have fled with 1.5 tons of gold. It is an assumption of the French secret services, who try to understand how the day ended on Friday 14 January, which saw the departure of President and his family and the downfall of his regime.

According to information gathered in Tunis, Leila Trabelsi , the president's wife allegedly went to the Bank of Tunisia to look for gold bars. The governor refused. M me Ben Ali had called her husband, who had also initially refused, then surrendered. She then flew to Dubai, according to French news before leaving for Jeddah. "It seems that the wife of Ben Ali is a party with gold" , said a senior French official. "1.5 tonnes gold, that makes 45 million euros" , translated source.


  1. Maybe it's time to hunt the maggot down and steal it's stolen gold.

  2. That leaves a critical question unanswered:

    Was that Imperial tons or Metric tons?

  3. French happens to be my first language and I have just red the French website: that recounts the hold up of the Trabelsi family ( wife of the former president) over the country's key sector of the economy. She has 10 brothers and a myriad of cousins, all working as a " gang" by using their powerful leverage in order to take hold of the country key assets in tourism, banking, and the media. Apparently, she had fled to Dubai with gold as far back as DECEMBER. Seems like they were fully aware of the troubles brewing in the country.
    As an African, I also would like to add that there was certainly a great affinity between the ben Alis and the Europeans, particularly French Leadership like Jacques Chirac whose regime was particularly well known for receiving financial support from African dictators. If the French are " snitching" on the Ben Alis now, it is simply because, well, he is useless to them. Let's portray him as another corrupted Arabic tyrants! This might happen to the Sauds and their relation with the US once they eventually get thrown out of power! Politicians are a bunch of filthy hyenas!

  4. But we all know that this political maggot will get to die of old age and not what it deserves,,,rapid-onset lead poisoning.