Thursday, February 10, 2011

Announcing the End the Fed YouTube Contest

The St. Louis Fed is sponsoring a YouTube video contest. They want original videos illustrating the importance of an independent central bank.

In rebuttal, is launching the End the Fed video contest.

Here are the rules for our contest that are the same as those of the St. Louis Fed:
As an individual or as part of a team, you may submit a video(s).The contest runs until April 18, 2011. The winner will be announced in May.
Here are the differences:

The St. Louis Fed contest is for videos that discuss central banks in general. At EPJ, feel free to discuss ending only the Federal Reserve, or ending all central banks.

At the St. Louis Fed, the videos must be geared to a high school-aged audience. We at EPJ believe that there is so much confusion about the Fed, and central banking, that people of all ages need to be informed, so aim your video at any age group you choose.

The St. Louis Fed has an age restriction for submitting a video. At EPJ, we believe that if you have the capablity to submit a video, you can do so, regardless of your age.

The St. Louis Fed limits all videos to 5 minutes, at EPJ we say go ahead and use the entire 10 minutes you tube gives you, if you want.

The St Louis Fed awards a series of prizes, the first one being a $1,000 face value U.S. Savings bond, that will be worth when you receive it only $500 and won't be redeemable at $1,000 for 17 years (Good luck inflation wise with that).

Our award only goes to the top prize winner, but it will be a one ounce gold coin (currently worth approx. $1400). You will be able to sell it immediately for its full value, if you choose, or hold as it protects you against Fed created inflation.

To receive your registration package, email:


  1. Good luck to everyone.

  2. That is truly brilliant, especially since a gold coin is the prize. The possibilities of the video are endless. Hmmmm. . . does one focus on all the mal-investment (e.g. vacant commercial buildings) caused by interest rates being held below their natural levels or does one focus on the ever shrinking buying power of the greenback?

  3. Oooh...let's see if I can persuade LittleKuriboh of trying to make something along these lines. Title should be "Hey Little Kuriboh, where's the new Episode??"

  4. Federal Reserve video: Sit back and enjoy the show! A hungry venomous snake enters the bedroom of a baby playing on the floor. The Federal Reserve offers a U.S. Savings bond to every viewer who exclaims "Ben Bernanke" when the baby screams in agony!

  5. It isn't my video but saw it on Facebook. Here is the YouTube link.

    Harold Crews

  6. If your video is selected, we'll create $1,000 out of thin air and use it to buy you a U.S. savings bond!

  7. too bad rothbard said it best!

  8. What about a video advertising the competition?

  9. Unfortunately we can't enter because our End the Fed video is a parody based on the creative work of others, but take a look, maybe you'll be inspired!