Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Lew Rockwell has a fascinating interview up today with John Perkins, the author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

If you want insight into how United States and international government agencies and multi-national corporations manipulate foreign governments for the benefit of multi-nationals, listen to this interview, here.

Perkins also explains what happens to foreign leaders that don't play ball and take the bribes.

Also of note to me, because I have just been thinking about this myself, Perkins mentions how cautious and vulnerable the President of the United States is. From assassinations to character attacks, the President is dealing with people who have the ability to take him down.

Think about it. If the President wanted to significantly shrink the military, he would have to deal with military commanders who may have an entirely different view and who are trained killers.

The President has a very narrow range that he can operate in, if he wanders far from that range, it is very likely he will be neutralized in one fashion or another. Perkins suggets that Presidents are very well aware of the limited range in which they can safely act.


  1. So true. The Praetorian Guards never had as much power as CIA, FBI, et al. John Perkins is one of the most important ex-insiders to read this century, even if he is totally off base and mislead about global warming. Like G. Kolko, great enough on the problems to praise him despite his proposed solutions.

  2. That's what the liberals say when they want to defend Obama on expanding the wars -- he'll be killed if he doesn't go along. This defense is incredibly weak; it posits that we should give Obama a break on foreign policy because he's too weak willed to follow his supposedly better instincts. The truth is that Obama, like all presidents, is an amoral opportunist who does whatever will maintain his power.