Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Early News from Egypt

Via Twitter:

Cairo is bracing for a one million Egyptian march. It is tense in ways words can't describe.

Through 9:00 AM Cairo time cell phones are still up and running...

Army presence still quite low around the square. No police (traffic, riot, otherwise) to be seen in the vicinity

Random detail for those not familiar with Cairo - Tahrir to the presidential palace is a long-ass walk

Tiny pro-Mubarak demo on Corniche near State TV. Today there will be attempt to counter the Tahrir protest

Egypt shuts down internet as 'march of millions' draws near

Ok i'm back on the airwaves, pretty hairy day yest! Soldiers seized cameras,laptops,phones. Now got a nokia circ 1995 but its workin

Small group of pro-Mubarak protesters chanting "Yes to the Regime" below bureau window. Passers by calling them "for rent".

I'll be in Tahrir sq today. Huge crowds already there carrying boxes of water to settle in. Everyone buoyed by news army will not stop them!

The National Democratic Party prepares for a pro-Mubarak rally in Ismailia

Reports of NDP thugs outside Cairo attacking buses trying to come in to the city

Mixed group of mutually hostile pro- anti-Mubarak demonstrators on Corniche going to Tahrir. This could get very messy

10.30am crowds in Tahrir Sq already the size they were at peak last nite! Imagine how big in few hours?!?! Could be an historic day 4

Pro-mubarak demonstrators on Corniche chanting "No to the traitors."

Fears that pro-Mubarak rally/thug-squad will try to spark violence. Protesters completely aware and expecting this

Protesters are gathering for a massive march in the Suez Canal governorate of Ismailia

The shutting down of trains seems to be only further motivating the crowds

An update from : Human Rights Watch confirms cases of undercover police committing acts of violence and looting

Down in Tahrir the crowds chant "The army, the people are one" Some soldiers reply "We are with u we are with u" Amazing scenes!!!

12 parties (including Wafd and the Muslim Brotherhood) created a National Coalition for Democratic Transition

"hey hey hosni is leaving tonight" is another chant now. Everyone says if numbers big enough they'll march to Pres Palace tonight!

#Google launches #Twitter workaround for #Egypt

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