Saturday, February 12, 2011

Help Me Go Through the FCIC Library of Interviews

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has up on its web site audio files and some transcripts of  the witnesses they interviewed about the financial crisis. What thing that stands out is that the witnesses questioned included some economists, among then world's greatest textbook salesman, Greg Mankiw and, also, Dean Baker, but not one of the many economists from the Austrian school who warned about the crisis, in advance.

There are too many interviews at the site to listen to them all, so I'll be cherry picking. If any of you discover any comments in any of the interviews that should be noted at EPJ, please let me know.

The entire library of interviews is here.


  1. Here's a question: Why won't the FCIC release Ben Bernankes testimony?

  2. Chris K. as in Chris Kacher?

  3. I got the impression the interviews would eventually be transcribed. Most interesting page I've found is here:

    Particularly the docs at the bottom. This is the most interesting: