Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kissinger: Mubarak Resignation a Certainty

Events seem to be overtaking global plotter, Henry Kissinger. In a fascinating interview (below),  Kissinger seems to be quite unsure of what will happen in Egypt, outside of a Mubarak resignation. Not surprisingly, he appears to want to minimize any long-term role for Mohamed ElBaradei.

He doesn't seem to completely understand that mass oppression can unite people with widely different views. He does, at one point, to his credit, say the U.S. should stay out of the dispute, though it is, of course, impossible to know if he means it, or whether he is thinking in terms of some out of the spotlight meddling by the U.S..


  1. When is this S.O.B. Kissinger gonna croak already?

    He's a real scumbag.

    FU Hank!

  2. Hypothetically... in an university seminar... You never know with Kissinger's real politik.

  3. You can't believe anything that comes from this pustule.

  4. Kissinger is like a walking-talking smallpox virus...As are all political terrorists.