Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Julian Assange on '60 Minutes'

He's still warning on a WikiLeaks document dump having to do with a major bank (believed by most to be Bank America). Overall, an impressive interview.


  1. Whatever he has, it better be good. We have been waiting for this bank dump for months.

    Is it wrong of me to believe it when I see it?

  2. As far as Steve Croft, this guy is an insult to media and a hypocrite. His imitation of the understanding of the Constitution, saying that the calls for Assange's termination via a bullet by so called politicians here is protected by that document. If I were to make the same calls for their demise(the politicians) I would be in jail. Croft makes me sick as do the other puppets on that show.

    Besides, Assange is a power elite stooge anyway,"a useful idiot"


  3. Anything or anybody that is tolerated, accepted, or embraced by any more than a small minority of the mainstream media is a plant by the elite establishment. This is obvious by now, right?

  4. @Anonymous -

    Yes, it's obvious to anyone who is

    1. Objective
    2. Interested in saying something true
    3. Not interested in sucking up to the PE
    4. Can live without public support/validation
    5. Can put up with personal/family harassment and vilification
    6. Can survive government investigations
    7. Is indifferent to cyber-gulag (intellectual isolation)
    8. Doesn't want major exposure/career advancement
    9. Has a conscience and tries to follow it
    10. Has read the past 20 years (at least) of world history from varied and objective sources and retains at least 1/5 of what he read.

  5. @ Lila Rajiva

    NO ONE can survive a genuine state sponsored witch hunt and come out smelling like this guy. If they want you, they'll get you.

  6. Is Steve Croft really that stupid or does he think his viewers are that stupid? Seriously.

  7. @Anonymous

    So tell me - what's it with intelligent people these days? Watching too many movies?
    All that "V for Vendetta" stuff?

    My theory is that all the "freedom-lover" stuff is simply posturing. Preening in front of the mirror for each other.

    People actually don't want to be freedom fighters, truth-tellers, or anything like it. They want to PLAY the movie role with a symphony orchestra in the background and an Oscar in the offing...

  8. @ Lila Rajiva

    I think people protect their interests. Maybe the common interest of "liberty-for-all" has been obscured.

  9. I wonder what kind of deal Assange made with Our Owners? Correct...If the Global Political Establishment Terrorists (GPET) want you dead, you will be dead.

  10. One question that should have been asked is why is Wikileaks managing the release of documents. Assange says he wants transparency and the release of important documents, yet he keeps up the tease and releases documents at a snail's page. Release them all, now!

  11. @Anonymous

    Protecting your interests is fine. Don't comment on controversial matters, then, if you think it will get you in trouble.

    But keeping quiet and misleading are two different things. One is self-protection. The other is fraud and complicity in fraud.

  12. GPET---Very Orwellian.