Saturday, February 19, 2011

Puppet Master Soros Says Puppet Master Murdoch is the Real Evil One

Another oligarch cage match.


  1. He is positively avuncular here.
    And I prefer Uncle George to Uncle Rupert..
    A most brilliant and powerful player, no doubt.

  2. I seriously doubt that this is anything other than Pro-Wrestling. Hulk Hogan threatening Andre the Giant.

    There is little or no dissent among the leaders of the world Zionist congress. I speculate that Yitzhak Rabin is an example of dissent.

  3. Soros is an evil bastard and to compare Murdock to him is ridiculous as Murdock has never had the negative economic impact that Soros has. Soros is reviled around the world and his not very clever attempts to deflect Beck's criticism failed...miserably. If he really was interested in doing so, he'd go on Beck's show and do it. Not play softball with Fareed.

  4. Evil Person A: You're evil.

    Evil Person B: No, you're evil.

    Evil Person A: No, you're evil.

    Evil Person B: No, you're evil.

    . . .

    And on into infinity. . .

  5. Well, I am not very up in Comparative Respectability of Antagonistic Power-elites (CRAP)....

    Murdoch might be an angel of light in this company, for all I know. But Soros seems to want to grapple with ideas in a very real...even obsessive.... way.

    I find that unusual and thus interesting.