Friday, February 11, 2011

Quote of the Week

The revolving door between the highest levels of government and corporate offices rotates so fast and continuously that it has basically flown off its track and no longer provides even the minimal barrier it once did. It's not merely that corporate power is unrestrained; it's worse than that: corporations actively exploit the power of the state to further entrench and enhance their power.-Glenn Greenwald


  1. Just wait 'til Greenwald starts reading some history books (maybe some of the stuff published over at the Ludwig von Mises Institute) and realizes this has been going on for centuries! He's gonna be spinning so much he might fly off his track himself!

  2. I really like Greenwald. He still thinks of himself as a lefty, but I think his movement towards full blown libertarianism is inevitable. Once he realizes that property rights are inextricably connected to the civil liberties he so loves, he won't be able to avoid conversion.

    I'm not actually anonymous, I'm E.G.Palmer. I just couldn't get the google account to work. Heh.