Friday, February 18, 2011

Tom Woods Agitates Dennis Miller's Melon

Tom Woods, author of Rollback, was a recent guest on the Dennis Miller radio show.  This was just an awesome performance by Woods.

The interview starts off slow, but by the end, Woods goes head-to-head against Miller, in a polite, diplomatic but straightforward manner. To Miller's credit, he knows when he has a guest with superior knowledge, states the fact and calls out Woods for "agitating his melon."

Very cool. The interview is here.



  1. A big credit to Miller for that.

    Woods references a Peter Schiff interview with a social security actuary. Anyone have that clip?

  2. Probably referencing Chuck Blahous. Maybe. You'll have to listen.

    Part 1
    Part 2

  3. When Miller asked about the proposed budget cuts, Woods said they were "like saving ten cents on a trip to the moon".

    The title of the downloaded file (as given to it by the Miller show) is:

    “Like saving ten cents on a trip to the moon”.

    which also identifies the clip on the Miller podcast site:

  4. Thanks, guys. The SS=Ponzi content comes in to play at 8:50 in from TanGeng's first link. There's a one min. commercial break, then Brahous fumbles around for a minute and a half while Schiff shreds his "logic". The best Brahous can muster is SS is not a Ponzi scheme because SS is not *intended* to be a Ponzi scheme. Schiff says the difference is that participation in a Ponzi scheme is voluntary, while participation in SS is not.

  5. One 'l' on melon, sir.

    Great site that you have!

  6. Tom needs his own show!!!