Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Anonymous' Becoming Active in a Banking Sector 'Revolution'

The group known as 'Anonymous' appears to be launching a number of attacks on the banking sector.

An affiliate of the group, AmpedStatus, has released the below YouTube video, which calls for Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke to step down as "a first sign of good faith," in what AmpedStatus calls its non-violent, civil disobedience campaign, A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion, a rebellion against the banking elite.

AmpedStatus is the web site launched by David DeGraw, in an interview with Max Keiser, DeGraw told Keiser that his web site had been attacked a number of times and that 'Anonymous' contacted him and offered to protect his site. He says he does not know who is behind 'Anonymous'.

Separately, 'Anonymous' has announced that on Monday it will release Bank of America emails that are damaging to the company. The group claims the documents will expose "corruption and fraud" at B of A.

A B of A spokesman says the claims of 'Anonymous' are untrue.

'Anonymous' in the past has been a sympathizer of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, and launched a short-lived hacker attack against financial organizations that cancelled providing payment services for Wikileaks.



  1. Emails @ Zerohedge:



  2. While not part of any movement related to this, I salute this group "Anonymous" and their efforts. Someone (or some group) with a skill that can aptly go after the cartel and the corrupt crony-capitalistic system we have must do so in order to give voice to those who cannot (or are not allowed to) speak.

    Bravo, Anonymous. I salute you.