Monday, March 14, 2011

The Current Very Real Danger at the Japanese Nuclear Power Facilities

If you read the below account of how seawater is supposed to cool the core of the nuclear reactors at the damaged nuclear power plants in Japan and eliminate the problem of a full nuclear meltdown, you will understand how disturbing this NYT report is:
To pump in the water, the Japanese have apparently tried used firefighting equipment — hardly the usual procedure. But forcing the seawater inside the containment vessel has been difficult because the pressure in the vessel has become so great.

One American official likened the process to “trying to pour water into an inflated balloon,” and said that on Sunday it was “not clear how much water they are getting in, or whether they are covering the cores.”
The problem was compounded because gauges in the reactor seemed to have been damaged in the earthquake or tsunami, making it impossible to know just how much water is in the core.

And workers at the pumping operation are presumed to be exposed to radiation; several workers, according to Japanese reports, have been treated for radiation poisoning.

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  1. Please put this in context. Don't mirror the MSM's hysteria.
    How many Japanese have died from radiation in the past week? 0.
    How many Japanese have had significant damaging radiation exposure in the past week? A half-dozen, all of whom are nuclear power workers.
    How many Japanese have died from the earthquake? Almost 2,000.
    How many Japanese are using emergency food, water, and shelter? Millions.