Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buy Nickels, Read EPJ and Subscribe to the EPJ Daily Alert!

EPJ reader, Jaison De Montalegre, sends along this note and picture:
Well on my way to hoarding several rolls. Thank you for the insight. I have spread the word about EPJ to dozens of my friends, classmates, and colleagues. The photo is just a token of my appreciation, along with a subscription to the EPJ DA.


  1. Pray tell, where did he order $100 of nickels? My local bank tellers now loathe me when I walk in because they know they have to lug around a few dozen rolls of 'worthless' change. So now they greet me with 'sorry, we're out.' or 'you've exceeded your weekly quota, come back next week.'

    If I could order them from someplace, that would be a great way to do it. And forget the treasury's site, they only want to sell you collector's editions of quarters and dollars. Any advice would be helpful!

  2. @SilverBully

    I went into my local Bank of America branch. I recently relocated so I am not familiar with the staff or anything like that. Either way, it seems BOA stores their nickels in these $100 boxes. Originally I was going to buy $40 worth. Much to my surprise the clerk pulled this $100 box from under the counter. I told her not to even bother opening it as I would be taking the entire thing. I felt it was very convenient in terms of storage.

    If you are near a BOA give it a shot, they might have these readily available.


  3. I believe you can "order" nickels from a bank and they have to take your order.

  4. Just go to your bank and order a box or two. I had to wait one week to get 2 boxes. The nickels will be pulled out of circulation soon. This is a smart move to get out of paper and into physical metal. Cash will soon be trash. Fiat currency in any country has NEVER lasted. Google it. Buy Silver now as well before the price gets crazy like Gold.