Monday, March 21, 2011

A Challenge to Representative William Lacy Clay

When Congressman Ron Paul, as chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on Monetary Policy, held the first hearing on the Federal Reserve, Congressman William Lacy Clay, who is heavy on the payroll of the banksters, made wild statements about Thomas DiLorenzo, absurdly implying that DiLorenzo, who is a libertarian and who has exposed President Lincoln's racist views, was somehow anti-black, and that therefore he did not want to hear anything DiLorenzo had to say about the Fed.

Well, if that's what was really Representative Clay's reason for not wanting to listen to DiLorenzo, then let's find someone to testify, who is clearly not anti-black and has a studied understanding of the Federal Reserve. I challenge Representative Clay to call Louis Farrakhan as a witness to the next hearing of the Monetary Policy subcommittee.


  1. It's funny how often these cowards hide behind acccusations of "racism" to try disarm legitimate opposition.

  2. When I hear these folks, I'm always reminded of what Sidney Hook said of Racism.

  3. I don't see how Farrakhan and I would agree on anything else, and I don't think it's necessary that the "families" be Jewish, or tall, or have detached earlobes, or any other pointless distinction.

    The message of corruption, however, is spot on.

  4. Point taken, but probably not the best choice, considering it takes Farrakhan all of :30 to allude to a Jewish conspiracy.