Monday, March 21, 2011

On Generating Hatred in the Arab World

The UK's George Galloway explains what is really behind the hypocritical interference in Libya's civil war, and warns about terrorist blowback from Gadaffi.



  1. Galloway still spouts the mantra that the evil brown people are going to get us, albeit in a roundabout fashion. My guess is that is he is allowed to walk the earth.

    That reminds me that I can't figure out how Farrakhan has gotten a pass.

  2. Sorry, Anonymous of 12:32pm, but you merely imagine that Galloway is a racist tring to stir up irrational fear.

    It's clear that when he speaks of blowback he's being realistic about the possibility of revenge, and it's mere coincidence that the people who might carry out the attacks he fears will be "brown people".

  3. It's funny how this woman tries to trivialise his concerns. Talk about a stooge.

    "So we shouldn't deal with the Arab world?"

    The childish reasoning capacities of these people disturb me.