Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Extremely Important Speech from the Floor of the Senate

Senator Rand Paul delivered the below speech on the floor of the Senate. It is beyond question the most important speech made from the Senate floor about the looming debt crisis. It should be viewed by every American.

Democrats and Republicans are nowhere near solving the crisis. Senator Paul in his speech makes that perfectly clear. It makes you wonder about a mainstream media that discusses the supposed epic battle between Democrats and Republicans over the budget. Watch this video clip and you will understand the false battle that will keep government spending growing, regardless of which side wins the budget "cut" battle.

Let us hope Senator Paul's message is heard throughout the country. People need to understand the dire situation that is before us. This is what they need to hear and not the happy talk of a bunch of politicians who are bought off by special interests.


  1. Wenzel, Stop trying to "capture" Rand Paul.

  2. eliminating the State makes more sense. you can't reform it.

  3. The president is not tone deaf as Mr. Paul states. Instead, he's just downright dumb.

  4. Any politician who would even consider such miniscule budget cuts proposed by the Democrats and Republicans is either:

    A) Dumber than a rock.
    B) An enemy of the USA trying to destroy us from within.
    C) Being paid off by TPTB to make the system fail intentionally.

    I cannot say what should happen to the idiots in Washington - it would be illegal and they would have some goobermint thugs take me out. BUT rest assured, what they deserve is UGLY beyond your wildest imagination.

    Cut spending 20% across the board, except 30% in defense the first year, then every year cut spending across the board 20% until the problem is solved. Immediately raise the SS payroll tax to 8 or 10% to make the SS pension solvent. Eliminate medicare, elimiate Obamacare, reform the health care industry to force cost containment even if ALL reserach into cures of disease must be eliminated. The major diseases are caused by poor life choices - give some incentive for people to live healthy.

  5. One reason the Republicans might vote for such a pitifully small budget cut is that they are waiting to somehow eliminate Social Security and thus balance the budget on the backs of the eldery. It is common knowledge that Republicans want to eliminate SS and FORCE people to put their money in private accounts. How would they FORCE them to do that? At the point of a gun, just as the current SS program does. What would Republicans gain from forcing people to put their money into private accounts? Probably they would have them put the money into stock market accounts - then the wall street fat cats would give them a bribe for their efforts. OR maye they'd force people to put their money into US Goobermint treasuries and they could skim off some of that and do god-only-knows-what with it.

    Another reason is that TPTB have paid them off to make the whole shitaree collapse so they can install a new world government with a new world currency. Based on the actions of the goobermint this seems quite likely.

    The US government is rotten from top to bottom and everywhere in between.