Monday, March 14, 2011

First Radioactivity Could Hit Tokyo in 10 Hours

Via Reuters:

French embassy in Tokyo says weak radioactive contamination could reach Tokyo in 10 hrs from stricken nuclear plant


  1. You really need to take a deep breath. Just because it can be measured, it doesn't mean it's important. From what I've read, the radiation so far leaked from the Fukushima reactors is roughly equivalent to one dental X-ray. What's more, there is every reason to believe that this will be the end result, just as it was at Three Mile Island.

    The real tragedy is that it will take millions, perhaps billions of dollars, to bring these reactors back online. If, indeed, they ever are. But that's just a tiny piece of the entire repair job.

    I salute the nuclear industry for having devised mechanisms to ensure that radiation would never be released into the environment. It's quite clear that they succeeded.

  2. More like 1 hour....

  3. David - you believe everything you read from mainstream media, right? I guess there's no inflation risk either and both Obama and Bernanke are angels!