Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh Yeah, This is Reassuring

A government official tells a government official who tells a mainstream newspaper.

Headline from the San Francisco Chronicle: Officials: Chernobyl-Style Meltdown Would Pose Little Risk to Bay

 How do they know this? A California official told the Chronicle. How does the California official know? A federal official told him:
Michael Sicilia, a spokesman for the California Department of Public Health, said the agency had been assured by the federal government that "the emergency presents no danger to California."
All kidding aside, if there was a nuclear meltdown that made a significant break through the containment vessel, some radioactive material of unknown quantity could make it to San Francisco. That said, it appears that water is cooling all 4 damaged reactors in Japan, and only one appears to have any damage to its containment vessel and that appears to be relatively small damage.

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