Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Idea for Japanese Central Bankers

Japanese central bankers, instead of adding liquidity to the economy by printing money, could really help the Japanese economy by adding liquidity, i.e. salt water, over the fuel rods at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power complex.


  1. The Japanese might be better off if their central bankers did nothing at all. Give this crew the task of pumping seawater and their central planning mindset will undoubtedly result in a shortage of seawater.

  2. I second Joe and would add that when the BoJ heard of the tsunami they thought of the first worthless thing they could contribute to sop up all the water and obviously the paper Yen was the only thing in reach. They'll now be competing with the melting down nuclear reactors to see whose emissions can prove more noxious. The BoJ and Japanese central government in general is an abomination and disgrace!

  3. This problem threatens the world. Help could come in the form of people who are terminally ill or who want to die and are willing to go in and do some task to help in areas with high radiation. There are probably many of these types of people. Perhaps the families of these "sacrificial workers" could be paid handsomely in exchange for the efforts of these people.

    Just a thought. Otherwise possibly millions of innocent people who do not want to die may die because this idea wasn't used.